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Delight in our ample array of delectable deli offerings. Try all of the Sautter’s made salads, slaws, sides and sandwich spreads. Our delicious ham, egg, tuna and chicken salads make the tastiest sandwiches.

Impress your group with deluxe deli trays made to order, a welcome addition to any gathering. See choices here.

Consider the plentiful assortment of piquant cheeses we offer, domestic or imported, as an hors d’oeuvre or appetizer. We carry them all, from creamy Bries to bold Parmigiana Reggiano.


To order deli trays call 419-885-3505

Nuthin’ But Meat
For all those meat lovers in your group, choose up to 4 gourmet meats (tenderly roasted beef, corned beef, smoked turkey, ham, etc.) They’re accompanied by our special homemade dipping sauce. Serve with a selection from our deli breads and baked goods!

Small (10-15) Medium (16-20) Large (25-30)
$26.99 $35.99 $47.99

Veggie Very Veggie
7 count ‘em 7 crunchy fresh vegetables hanging around a big pool of Sautter’s Famous Veggie Dip! Cut and arranged in a fashion that delights the eyes as well as the palate. It’s sure to be a hit.

Small (10-15) Medium (16-20) Large (25-30)
$27.99 $39.99 $54.99

Let Your Fingers Do The Choosing
Fresh, scrumptious finger sandwiches prepared to your order from our huge array of meats, homemade spreads and breads. We place each little sandwich in it’s very own place of honor among the greens. Kids love these, no crusts!

Small (10-15) Medium (16-20) Large (25-30)
$29.99 $40.99 $54.99

A Really Cheesy Tray/
Cheesy Pepperoni Combo Platter

Whether cubed, sliced or diced, choose up to 4 of our finest cheeses. Available with or without bold pepperoni and a bowl of tangy mustard dip for dipping. They’re always just delish!

Small (10-15) Medium (16-20) Large (25-30)
$27.99 $38.99 $49.99

Roll Out The Tastebuds
You’re gonna love this one! It features lavash with 3 kinds of meat! Ham and corned beef are rolled with tangy horseradish cream cheese, colorful sliced peppers, onions and lettuce. Turkey is rolled with plain cream cheese, brandied cranberry sauce, havarti cheese and lettuce.

Small (10-15) Medium (16-20) Large (25-30)
$26.99 $45.99 $59.99

Root’n Tooti Fruit
How exotic. Fresh fruits of all kinds. You tell us, or we’ll just build you a beautiful assortment of whatever we have (seasons play a big role in availability). Crispy cool and sweet, ready to take the plunge into our homemade fruit dip.

Small (10-15) Medium (16-20) Large (25-30)
$29.99 $46.99 $64.99

The Popeye Platter
What else? Spinach Dip and loads of it. Delicious and so creamy, this fabled “muskel builder” fills the center of a huge, freshly baked pumpernickel round. Surrounding the dip are bite-sized bits of rye and pumpernickel. They’ll be coming back again and again for this one!

One size (12-15)

Meat & Cheese Trough
Enuf said? Perfectly roasted beef, savory corned beef, fresh deli ham and turkey breast nestled between layers of American and Swiss cheese. In the middle... a pool of our own tangy homemade sauce.

Small (10-15) Medium (16-20) Large (25-30)
$32.99 $45.99 $54.99

Relish This
Mounds & mounds of sweet gherkins, dill spears, green and black olives, spicy pepperoncini and pickled cauliflower floating on a sea of fresh greens. All garnished to delight your guests

Small (10-15) Medium (16-20) Large (25-30)
$24.99 $36.99 $44.99

How ‘Bout Breakfast
Oh Yeah! A beautiful and tasty offering of Sautter’s perfectly baked danish, muffins and bagels in a wonderfully delicate size. Just right for early morning knoshing. You won’t want to miss this one!

Small (10-15) Medium (16-20) Large (25-30)
$19.99 $29.99 $36.99

Hey, Sweet Teeth!
What a line! What a treat! Cookies, brownies and more straight from our bakery. Each is mouthwateringly certified to please. They’re buffet sized and just bursting with sweet wonderfulness.

Small (10-15) Medium (16-20) Large (25-30)
$19.99 $29.99 $39.99

Shrimply Delicious
A well behaved school of the freshest shrimp around, perfectly cooked and iced for that crispy great taste. In the center, a pool of tangy cocktail slathering sauce. One of our most popular party requests.

(priced by selections)

Classic 2’ Long Sub
The traditional favorite of partygoers everywhere. Pick two meats, any meats. Pick two cheeses, any cheeses. Now pick any condiments you desire (easy on the truffles, please) and we’ll prep it and top it with our homemade sub sauce.

2’ long! (serves 10)

Bakery Selections
What better way to treat your guests than to subject them to the joys of our freshly baked breads, donuts and other things.

market priced

Chicken Winga Dingas
Buffalo Style with that distinct Sautter’s twist - and you get lots of ‘em. These are real meaty wings, not like those you get and wonder... “Where’s the chicken?” Order ‘em BBQ or Hot. Don’t forget the wetnaps and paper towels.

$7.99 lb.

Sautter’s Sircular Sub
That’s right... a sircular sub! It’s also a big sub in sizes for up to 20 people. We stack it high with 4 great meats, 3 cheeses, pickles, peppers, greens and our homemade sub sauce. In the middle... a mountain of our delicious, homemade potato salad!

Small (10) Medium (15) Large (20)
$17.99 $20.99 $26.99

Cakes, Cakes, Cakes
Big cakes, little cakes, round cakes, square cakes for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, bar mitzvahs, first communions... any occasion that demands a fabulous cake.

(priced by selections)

Giant Cookies
Big cookies to feed a crowd! Luscious, fresh and made to your order.

12” $15.99
16” $18.99